7 TRS ministers may be on way out

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Will Telangana CM KCR remove seven of his ministers and induct new ones? This question is being hotly debated in the TRS circles soon after the polling of the municipal polls are over. Sources say that the axe will fall on the ministers after the counting is completed.

According to sources, these ministers will be shown door regardless of the electoral outcome in the municipal councils and corporations that fall under their jurisdiction. The ministers would be removed because they promoted groupism and factionalism in their areas and tried to run down senior leaders of the party, who remained with the party through the thick and thin. Also, they have been accused of adopting a lackadaisical approach to the elections.  These ministers may win their own municipalities, but might fall short of the majority in the other civic bodies under their jurisdiction. They would eventually get the major of their choice by using the votes of the ex-officio  members. Such Ministers may be asked to explain their defeat and could even be shown the door. At least seven ministers fall into this category.

However, the TRS is confident that even if the TRS and the Congress might improve their votes, they many not be enough to win municipalities. So, they may have to remain content being in the Opposition in most municipalities. The two parties might not be able to repeat their performance of the Lok Sabha elections this time.
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