OMG: 52 Lakh Bogus Voters In AP!

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Former AP Chief Secretary IYR Krishna Rao & Ex-IAS Ajay Kallam convened a press conference of behalf of Jana Chaitanya Vedika to speak about the flaws in the voter list.

IYR Krishna Rao: 'There are as many as 52.67 lakh bogus voters out of total 3.6 crore voters in Andhra Pradesh. This situation poses a threat to the democracy. Why because, Just 2-3 percent votes have been deciding the end result these days. If the bogus voters are up to 15 percent, That's worse to say the least'.

Ajay Kallam: 'Making use of the advanced technology, Election Commission should remove Bogus Voters from the voter list. 18 lakh people remained voters in both Telugu States. In Kuppam Constituency alone, 26,000 bogus voter cards have been identified. While 18,000 out of them were removed, 8,000 bogus voters are yet to be scrapped. EC, Parties and People's Organizations should remain alert to change the situation'.

Voter Analytics and Strategy Team member Thummala Lokeshwar Reddy told: '34.13 lakh voter cards in 175 Constituencies of AP are duplicated and repeated. As many as 24,928 cases were registered against bogus voter cards'.

The difference between TDP and YSR Congress in 2014 Elections is just around 1 percent votes. Imagine, what could have happened if there are no bogus voter cards?

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