5 Other US Universities In The Hit List

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US Immigration Officials run a fake university to nab those overstaying in the country illegally. While some Indian Students who got duped returned home, Several others were found with electronic monitors around their ankles. Legal Experts suggested the Indian Students to return their motherland as early as possible citing challenging the deportation won't yield good results. In addition, February 5th deadline is gonna complicate the situation further.

There are reports of Trump Administration planning to shut down five more US Universities for alleged immigration norms violation. Around 80,000 Students pursuing higher studies in these varsities are in a dilemma now. Close to 50,000 out of them have been Indian Nationals. If all of them were forced to leave or deported to India, Indians will be thinking twice before going to US for higher studies.

US Universities have been charging a bomb to offer admissions. Most of the Indian Parents sell their assets or borrow loans to send their children for higher studies to US. All of those families have a reason to be worried about their future.

Upon completing Masters, Indian Students join PG Course to bag a job so as to settle down. Those who fail to find job keep on doing PG Courses with the hope of reaching the . Most of these youth have been falling in the trap of fake universities out of desperation for overstaying in United States.

Foreign Students were falling prey to the Private US Universities. No such fraudulent practices were happening in the Government-run Universities. Immigrants need to be careful why choosing the University or else they will end up paying heavy price.
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