2019's Most Attractive Women In Swimwear!

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2019 saw many actresses trying their best to get the social media attention on them with hot images and swimwear seems to be the best possible outfit for women to show off some hot poses while their fans drool.

This year, we picked up five women to be the best in swimwear and some might be the obvious choice.

Kajal Aggarwal

She made everyone talk about her bikini pics this year, even though she did many photoshoots. This is the first time she opened up so much, one can say.

Disha Patani

One cannot ignore her, as she has the best form in maintaining body and doesn't shy away from showing off too.

Ileana D'Cruz

Ileana D'Cruz faced body shamming for being chubby last year and she came back stronger than ever. In the bikini she looks absolutely stunning.

Shriya Saran

She kept herself under the radar for most of the year and her timeline is filled with her family pics. But she did not disappoint her fans and shared some videos, her swimming and enjoying the nature too.

Laxmi Raai

It was a toss between her and Kiara. She won it for being the senior seductress.

Honorable Mention: Kiara Ali Advani
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