2019 Elections - Caste & Money Matters: Madhavi Latha

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Ever since the polling got completed in AP, People have been only discussing about who will be forming the next government. Even Media has been focussing mostly on this question these days irrespective of whom ever they interview.

Madhavi Latha contested on BJP Ticket from Guntur West Constituency in 2019 Elections. With the kind of personal experience she gained, The Actress says: 'Caste factor and money played a key role in this elections. Telugu People attained the bad reputation that they vote accepting the bribe. If Voters continue to encourage corrupt politicians, There won't be any honest leaders in this field. Only those who doesn't rely on caste politics and money power are the real Leaders. Hoping that voters will take a right decision at least this time'.

The 'Nachavule' Actress refused to offer prediction on the 2019 Elections. She went on to say, 'People of AP knew who is going to win. Even I knew it. But, That doesn't mean the judgement can't go wrong'.

Whether Madhavi Latha will be giving tough fight to her Opponents or Will she lose deposits just alike most of the BJP Candidates? Wait & See!

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