2 Youths From Haryana Used Amit Shah's Name For Money

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Union Home Minister, BJP National President Amit Shah is often termed as Chanakya of politics. In many instances, his intelligence helped the party to get out of the problems.

He is the driving force of the BJP party and the second most powerful person in the nation after Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Except for Maharashtra, his decision shave resulted in positive outcomes mostly.

In spite of knowing all this, two people from Haryana tried to earn crores of money by suing Amit Shah's name.

Going into details, the fraudster duo has used phone number duplication in this process and made this look like Amit Shah called a Minister and asked for a lumpsum amount of Rs 3 crores.

The Minister got a doubt on this and called the OSD(Officer on Special Duty) of Amit Shah to counter check which cleared the air. The OSD informed the Delhi police of this fraud. Police have successfully arrested the two within just hours of this incident.
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