Big Relief For 16 Students Detained In US

About 16 Students who were trapped with the sting operation conducted by Immigration Authorities through University of Farmington were granted Voluntary Departure by February 26th, 2019.

3 (2 Indians, 1 Palestine) out of 20 Students obtained permission for Voluntary Departure already. And now, 15 out of 17 remaining Students were granted permission for Voluntary Departure. Eight of them have been Telugu Students. Even 16th Student was permitted to leave the country but under US Government Removal. 17th Student is married to a US Citizen. So, He applied for Bail Bond after the detention.

All the 16 Students will have leave US on or before February 26th. American Telangana Association (ATA) appealed Immigration Officials to cooperate with the Students to ensure smooth departure.

ATA arranged Attorneys to present the version of the Telugu Students in the court. Good to see Students getting the permission to return their motherland without any harsh punishment.