122 Cr For BB2 - 125 Cr For Saaho!

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'Baahubali - The Conclusion' used to hold the record of Highest Theatrical Business in Telugu States (Rs122 crore). 'Saaho' shattered this record within 2 years by obtaining Rs 125 crores.

Whenever he was asked to compare Baahubali and Saaho, Prabhas kept saying they are different and can't be compared. He admitted not even aspiring to break Baahubali records with Saaho. Then how could he permit UV Creations to sell the rights for a record price?

Prabhas believes Screenplay and Action Elements in 'Saaho' will stand out. Even if action sequences are breathtaking, The desired impact can't be attained if the movie buffs can't connect with the screenplay.

Looks like, Distributors and Exhibitors are yet to come out of Baahubali 2 hangover. A lot of factors, including Summer Season and Pushkarams, had gone in favour of the war drama. Whereas, 'Saaho' doesn't have such advantage.

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