1000 Lok Sabha Seats Soon?

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In a sensational comment, former President Pranab Mukherjee suggested that the number of seats in both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha should be increased. Speaking at the BJP-backing think-tank India Foundation, he said the number of Lok Sabha seats should be hiked to 1000 from 543. He said each MP is currently representing 18 lakh voters and this makes it very difficult to keep in touch with the voters.

The last time we revised the number of MP seats was in 1977 and the population then was 55 crore. Today, the population is more than double. Hence we need 1000 seats. The seats in Rajya Sabha too should be revised suitably Pranab Mukherjee said. He also criticised the BJP Government's move for one nation-one election saying it would be possible once, but not always. Pranab Mukherjee aslso said that an absolute majority to one party means that the people want a stable government, but not a government that is dictatorial. "There are instances when the people rejected the very party that they gave full majority earlier," he said.

Pranab Mukherjee's comments assume significance as they appear to run counter to Modi government, which is introducing some drastic bills like the Citizenship Amendment Bill and the NRC. Pranab Da has actually cautioned the BJP on going ahead the whole hog.
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