100 Seats For YSR Congress: India TV-CNX Survey

India TV-CNX has come up with its latest surveys results not only for AP but across the nation. According to its prediction for Andhra Pradesh, YSR Congress Party will emerge as a clear winner with 100 MLA Seats. While TDP manages to get 45 seats, Congress & BJP will settle for 4 and 3 seats respectively. Others which include Jana Sena, CPI, CPM, BSP & Independents will be collectively bagging 23 seats.

Coming to Lok Sabha Seats, YCP and TDP will share 18 seats and 7 seats respectively.

On the other hand, BJP could be bagging only 232 seats as against 282 in 2014. While NDA wins 275 seats, UPA manages to get 147 seats with Congress increasing its tally to 97 from 44 in 2014. Others including SP, BSP, TMC, YCP and TRS will bag 121 seats.

NDA - BJP: 230, Shiv Sena: 13, AIADMK: 10, JD (U): 9, LJP: 3, PMK: 2, Akali Dal: 2

UPA - Congress: 97, DMK: 16, RJD: 8, TDP: 7. Few other regional parties will contribute few more MPs.

Others - TMC: 28, YCP: 18, SP: 15, BSP: 14, BJD: 14, TRS: 12, Left Front: 8

In Odisha, Ruling BJD will retain power by winning 100 out of 147 seats.

This Survey was conducted from March 24th to 31st in 543 Lok Sabha Constituencies. 65,160 Samples have been collection, this include 34,272 males and 30,888 females.