Cong BC Leaders Still Sing Old Tune

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The Congress Party does not seem to be learning any lessons from the past. Despite being down and out, despite being repeatedly mauled in the elections, the party is still stuck in the same old mould. The party is fast ceding ground to the TRS and the BJP in Telangana. Yet, the same old clichés are being parroted.

On Thursday, over 100 BC leaders of the Congress Party met at a hotel to demand political power to the BCs. Leading the pack was V Hanumantha Rao. The last time he had won as an MLA was in 1989. After that, he lost every direct election he contested. He was an MP only through the Rajya Sabha route. Ponnala has lost two consecutive elections and Shravan Dasoju is a political non-starter.  Similarly, Kasani Gnaneshwar has been an MLC several years ago. He has continuously lost assembly elections.  Despite all this, the BC leaders demanded that the PCC chief's post be given to them. They said that the BCs form the largest chunk of voters in the state.

But, the fact is that the BC communities are never united and there has never been a BC chief minister in the state.  Though BCs like Ponnala Lakshmaiah, V Hanumanth Rao and D Srinivas were made PCC chiefs, the party had won the elections due to various other factors. During the period when D Srinivas was the PCC chief, it was the YSR factor that helped the party to win the elections.  Yet, the leaders are trying to trump up the dead horse of BC votes. Isn't it time that the Congress Party start thinking of itself as one party and not a group of castes?

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