10,000 Fine Imposed On People Who Talk With MLC

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TDP MLC Beeda Ravichandra has faced the wrath of the fisherman for making abusive comment son the fishermen community.

The Fishermen who was not happy with the comments of the MLC has imposed a fine of Rs 10,000 on people who talk to the MLC. The fine was called as Durai locally.

Beeda Ravichandra who hails from Isakapalli village of Alluru went to the seacoast to collect war from the bay for a holy ritual in the Shiva temple in Iskapalli which was constructed newly.

For three days the event was organized by Sankara Vijayendra Saraswathi Swami, the seer of Kanchipuram.

It has been reported that the MLC who is not happy after seeing liquor bottles and other garbage that is dumped there are criticized them on their caste reportedly, which made the members of the community angry.

 The news of fine imposition became viral on how can an MLC make such furious comments on a particular caste.

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